Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Brookes buses have USB charging points

Brookes bus now have USB charging points on their buses

Something that some Stagecoach buses have had since 2015 are USB charging points on their buses, but now 2 years later in 2017 Oxford Bus Company have just put USB Charging points on their Brookes buses so how long will USB charging points appear on the city buses?

Probably Oxford Bus Company won't put USB Charging Points on all there city buses as they don't like there customers using their mobiles phones as they had No mobile phones sign printed all allover there buses.

In fact I do know that park&ride buses and some city buses (on 3 and 8 roads) do have USB charging points but that not all of the city buses isn't it.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Oxford Bus Company -New Fleet List for September 2017

Oxford Bus Company, September Fleet List 2017

you can scan this QR code from your phone to get the fleet list!

Oxford Bus Company  has updated there fleet so I will link you the fleet list taking from there website (hot linking I know)

Here is the September 2017 fleet list with new 8 and 3 roads buses added!

 Download Fleet List

Sunday, 10 September 2017

James Slattery Trolls Sky news reporter!

Sky news got trolled today by James Slattery

Speaking about today's meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee, Sky's Lewis said: "It was chaired by Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary.

"Theresa May not available to do it because she's up at Balmoral with her annual sojourn — her weekend with the Queen where we're told that the Hurricane [Irma] and its effects on the many territories over which the Queen of course is sovereign will be discussed."

A pedestrian could then be seen sidling up behind Goodall, before making a beeline towards the camera.

He then interrupted the report with his bizarre question.

Goodall turns to look at him before addressing the camera and ploughing on with aplomb.

It later emerged the passerby is known Irish prankster James Slattery.

He had tweeted a picture of his foot in a cast yesterday, writing: "Hitting the strip in London tomorrow to [film] pranks, the foot and crutches won't stop me just slow me down."

Viewers took to social media to respond to the prank, with one writing: "Where IS the skinhead with the mobile phone? Better get your top team on this breaking incident".

Another joked: "When things don't go to plan on live tv! #haveyouseenaskinhead".

Goodall showed he could take the joke — with a sly pop at the Leader of the House of Commons.

He tweeted: "That's no way to talk about Chris Grayling".

here is the link to the Sun website where they got pictures of it!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Westgate September Update 2017

Coming  on 24th October 2017
for more info go to WestgateOxford website

new John Lewis 

Westgate Centre is all most done! here is the update for September 2017

the Westgate centre will re-open on the 24th October 2017 with a John Lewis as well.

here are some pictures too 

Oxford bus company Stupid fucking cartoons

Stupid Cartoons on Oxford Bus Company  bus timetables and Travel shops!

Its been since 2015 obc started putting stupid fucking cartoons on there timetables and now its getting out of hand by putting these stupid fucking cartoons on there travel shop.

these are the timetables the stupid cartoons on them!

this is the video of the travel shop with stupid cartons on them!

We need Oxford Bus Company  to stop with these stupid cartoons and go back to real photos of people and buses like what Stagecoach are still doing!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017

Oxford 2017-Common people festival-Buses

oxford 2017-Common people festival-Buses

here is the video on my Youtube channel

Same video is on my back up channel on Vidme as well